Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Bit of a Splurge or A Break From Frugal

While I definitely try to watch what I spend, shopping with coupons and looking for sales, there are some things that I fall in love with and on which I am willing to spend a bit more money.

One of the most recent examples is furniture related. For several months I have been wanting to replace the office chair that we brought with us when we moved into this house a couple of years ago. Since our desk with the computer is in the main living area, I wanted to get a nicer style of chair; not to mention, the chair had a torn seat. I had a specific amount of money designated for this purchase and kept it in an envelope in my purse whenever I went out shopping.

There was one I liked at Pier One, but even when it went on clearance it wasn't in my price range. I checked Craigslist off and on but never found anything in which I was really interested. A couple of weeks ago, I was in Marshalls and, lo and behold, there it was. A dark brown leather chair that I thought would look perfect in the space AND it was comfortable to sit in (not rock-hard like some similar chairs I had tested). The purchase price??? One cent less than what was in my envelope! Could I have waited longer and maybe gotten a better deal down the road? Perhaps, but this was in the budget and perfectly met the need.

Secondly, as I mentioned some time ago, one of my favorite places to buy clothes for our daughters is from Boden USA online. They have such cute styles that are different yet age-appropriate and their clothes are of great quality, but they definitely cost more than I am usually willing to pay.

However, on Tuesday I happened to check my secondary e-mail account and saw that they were having a huge sale. I looked through the girls' items and saw two dresses that I had admired for awhile in their catalog. Both were nearly 50% off and I had a $20 credit on my account from their "refer a friend" program. All told, including shipping, I spent $38 for two dresses - a splurge, for sure, but something the girls will enjoy wearing. Another benefit - the resale value on Mini Boden items is terrific! The first dress arrived today, fit my six-year-old perfectly and is so pretty and soft. Can't wait to get the other one!!

Are there certain items that you're willing to pay a bit more for because you love them? Let us know what makes you go outside the "frugal box" a little!

If you're on the hunt for tips on being more cost-conscious than I've detailed here :), visit Frugal Friday at Life as Mom. You can also read about items others love at Hooked on Fridays.


  1. I LOVE Mini Boden! I'm like you - it's pretty splurgey, but I have my clearance catalog all dog-eared to pieces and hope there's something left for me. And truly, the quality of the clothing is second to none!

  2. I do not skimp on backpack/bookbags. If you buy the cheapos you end up buying at least 2 more before the school year is over and of course they break at the more inopportune time. So those are my frugal breaks.

  3. I’m with you on that one, too! I buy LLBean book bags for the girls and they last at least two years.

  4. Mini Boden is so cute - love there stuff, and such great quality.

    Hi from N Ireland :)

  5. I think part of the point of being frugal is being able to spend a bit more on things that you will really and truly enjoy. As for me this is my camera, my computer, travel (when we can afford it) and, hopefully, a set of bagpipes.

    :o) Happy Frugal Friday!


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