Friday, August 14, 2009

Saving Money by Buying Quality Items

I strive to find that balance between purchasing items as inexpensively as possible yet getting the best quality I can for my money. I often find that when I spend a little bit more, I get a better bang for my buck.

For example, as I mentioned in a previous post, I buy the girls' book bags for school from L.L. Bean. While I believe the price has increased recently, I purchased each book bag at the beginning of the last school year for around $20. Since the book bags hold up so well, we are using them again this year, which means that it really only cost me $10 per school year for their book bags - a very good bargain!

It is the same way with dress shirts for my husband. We pay a little bit more up front for a certain brand, but the amount of wear he gets out of them breaks the cost down to very little. In these instances, when I know that I'm going to be paying a bit more for something up front, I track down any coupon or free shipping code that I can find.

Are there certain items that you pay a bit more for, knowing that you will recoup the cost in the long run? Find more ideas for frugal living at Frugal Friday hosted by Life as Mom.

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  1. Great post! I am starting to feel that way about clothes especially! It is worth it in the long run to buy the quality brands over the cheap stuff, or you'll just be replacing it over and over again.


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