Friday, September 4, 2009

Survey Says....

When you make a purchase at a store, do you ever get survey invitations on the bottom of your receipt? I often do and try to take advantage of any savings that I might get by participating in the survey.

Remember that pair of Stride Rite shoes that I bought for my younger daughter the week before school started? That would be the pair that fit perfectly in the store, but became uncomfortable after a few minutes of wearing them around the house.

When I returned those to the Stride Rite Outlet, I got a survey invitation on my returned merchandise receipt that offered $5 off of my next purchase if I completed the online survey within three days. I did so and was very glad as I ended up going the following week to buy shoes for my older daughter.

With my $5 off code, I was able to get this pair of shoes (already on sale) for only $14.99. (If they look a tad smudged, it's because she's been wearing them to school all week!)

As an added bonus, when I paid for these shoes, I got another survey invitation which will get me $5 off on my next purchase! Anything that lessens the impact on the pocketbook and allows me to keep more of our money is a good thing!

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  1. I've also received codes for free loaves of French bread by doing the surveys on the bottom of my grocery receipts. You are right that they are very worth it.

  2. I've gotten these surveys, but tend to forget to complete them. I really need to get better about this. Especially for the stores that we go to regularly.


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