Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Cash Back with Ebates

After reading a post at Money Saving Mom on ways to save money when shopping online, I joined Ebates over the weekend. Many of you may be familiar with this company, but I wasn't.

Ebates is a cash back site that gives you cash back, via check or PayPal, when you click through their site to make purchases from online stores on their list. They include many stores with whom I already do business such as Lands End, JCPenney, Barnes & Noble and Target. I don't typically do a lot of ordering online, but most of what I do purchase through the Internet is done around this time of year as I prepare for Christmas.

While the percentage of cash back you receive varies by merchant, my attention was attracted to one of this month's specials which was 10 percent cash back when you placed an order at Snapfish. How timely! I normally order my photos from Snapfish and already had a shopping cart full. I was able to find a code for free shipping, so saved almost $12 on that alone, not to mention the cash I will get back.

I must admit that another incentive for me to join is the $5 sign-up bonus they are offering. You can check out the site here. [In the interest of full disclosure, please know that should you sign up and become a qualified member by clicking through the links in this post, a small bonus is credited to my account.]

Have you had any experience with Ebates or another cash back site? Let me know how it's worked for you. I'll update you on my experience in a future post.

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