Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thirteen Ways to Encourage Your Children

Sometimes we could all use a dash of encouragement, even little people like our kids! Here are thirteen ideas to help make their day just a little brighter.

  1. Tuck a note into their lunchbox or book bag. Write a sweet thought or a short joke to make them smile.

  2. Give them a big hug for no particular reason at all.

  3. When you part in the morning, tell them that you will be praying for them today.

  4. Put a small treat on their bed for them to find when they get home in the afternoon

  5. Smile at them often.

  6. Make eye contact and truly listen when your child is telling you something.

  7. When they have completed a task well, praise them.

  8. While they are close by, relate to someone else something good that your child has done.

  9. If you see them struggling with a task, offer your help.

  10. Watch for an area in their character where you see growth and spend a few minutes communicating to them how proud you are of how they're maturing.

  11. Willingly do something they ask you to do - stop working and play a game, help them find a lost item, etc.

  12. Allow them to help you with a project you're working on that they're interested in - cooking, cleaning, scrapbooking, or other chores or hobbies.

  13. Every so often, allow them a special privilege, such as staying up late, having two helpings of dessert or taking a day off from chores.

I want to be mindful of encouraging my daughters on a daily basis. One day they will be of an age to be an encouragement to me as well!

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  1. Great list. I do many of these often. My kids love the surprise of a note (and sometimes a treat) in the lunchbox or backpack.

    My daughter recently asked to make my lunch for me to take to work. When I opened it I found a small Snickers and a post it note :)

  2. Madison has grown to expect a "hug on demand" and a surprise waiting for her on her bed after her visit w/her dad :)

  3. My youngest is 37! And I still leave notes for all my kids...via emails!!! You never outgrow the 'mothering' part of life.

    My Thursday 13 is Halloween Themed jokes...come on over for some laughs. [You'll find it below my Thursday Thunks...scroll down a bit.]

    Click HERE

  4. Excellent list!

  5. I loved this list, since I have been thinking about more ways to encourage my children lately. Thanks!

  6. Wonderful list--a lot of these are small things that are easy to forget, but when done, they make a big difference!! Happy TT!

  7. studies show that lots of hugs make smarter kids sandy

  8. Great list! Don't forget, these things work on BIG kids too. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy T13!


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