Friday, November 6, 2009

Cooking a Whole Chicken in the Slow Cooker

After reading the posts here, here, and here, I decided that cooking a whole chicken in a slow cooker must be the bloggy "in-thing" to do. Well, figuring I would join the crowd, I bought a whole chicken at Publix for $.99/lb and brought it home.

This actually turned out to be a very simple process! I removed the bag of innards, rinsed the chicken and patted it dry. I sprinkled it inside and out with a bit of seasoned salt and pepper, then placed it in the crock pot on top of some onions, carrots and garlic I had chopped up.

I put the top on, turned the crock pot on low for nine hours, and returned home from my daughter's soccer practice that evening to a wonderful aroma!

We ate the chicken with some rice and a green bean casserole for supper. Once the carcass had cooled, I pulled all the leftover meat off of the bones and stored it in the refrigerator to use in a chicken pot pie the following night.

I returned the bones to the slow cooker, which still held the liquid and vegetables, and put the whole crock pot in the refrigerator. The next morning, I followed Gayle's advice and added enough water to the crock pot to make it three quarters full. I turned it on high for about six hours, then turned it off and allowed it cool for a few minutes.

I set my colander into a large bowl and drained all the liquid off. The bowl went into the refrigerator to cool and, after several hours, the fat had solidified and I was able to skim it off the top. I was left with almost twelve cups of chicken broth, most of which I froze to use later.

I thought that this project was definitely worth the small amount of time and effort that it took and, from now on, I will be watching my sales flyers to find a great price on whole chickens!

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  1. I've cooked two whole chickens since I've joined the bloggy world. It is a simple process and taste SO good. I got three different meals out of one chicken.

  2. I've seen posts like this before. I've done chicken pieces in a crock pot but never a whole chicken. So glad to see it works, I'll have to give it a try.


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