Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spiritual Goals for 2010

I enjoy new beginnings and fresh starts. While I'm not typically the type of person to spend much time reflecting on the past, I do enjoy looking ahead and planning for the future. As each new year approaches, I try to set goals for the coming months.

I have found that, in order for me to have any hope of meeting those goals, they must be simple and specific. Therefore, I have limited myself to just a few goals in four specific areas: spiritual, personal, physical and financial.

Today I'll share my spiritual goals for 2010. There is a degree of vulnerability and accountability in sharing these with you that I hope will give me more determination to make them a reality. I hope to give updates at the end of each month as to how I'm doing in each area.

Spiritual Goals

  1. Keep a prayer journal. I have done this sporadically in the past, but want to be committed this year to writing down individual prayer requests and noting when they are answered. This will be a continuing testimony of God's faithfulness, not only for my encouragement, but also to share with our children.

  2. Read one spiritual book a month. Besides my daily Bible reading, I want to select one book a month that will encourage and strengthen me in my spiritual walk.

  3. Make spiritual music in the home a priority. This is something I started working on recently and I want to continue it in the new year. Having cd's or Christian radio stations playing Godly, uplifting music can set a positive tone for my whole family.

  4. Look for an opportunity each month to bless someone. Once a month is a pretty low standard, but I have to start somewhere! This will look different each month and may often be done anonymously. It may be fixing a meal for someone in need, giving financially or sending a note or gift of encouragement.
Tomorrow I'll share some financial goals as well as ways I hope to be more frugal in 2010!

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  1. I found your blog through my sister's blog, and she reads Life as Mom, and I saw your comment on Life as Mom! Here's a book suggestion: Living Sacrifice by Dr. Helen Roseveare...a story from a woman who was a doctor in the Congo in the '40's-'70's (I think I have close to the right years there). I am new to blogging: We are moving to Mongolia Feb. 28!

  2. Those are wonderful spiritual goals! I love my prayer journal and I know you will, too. It is so awesome to look back and see how God has answered prayers!

  3. Wonderful goals ... I especially love the idea of playing spiritual music in your home. What a great way to enhance the atmosphere! Thank you for linking up to our Fresh Year, Fresh Start series ... we hope you have been blessed by our encouragement!

  4. I love those goals, especially the last one. Our family theme for this year is grateful and giving back. Once a month is a great place to start! Have a great weekend!

  5. What wonderful goals! I keep a prayer journal pretty sporadically, but looking back at it when I keep it up to date is always an amazing blessing. And I love the last goal about blessing someone. I think all too often we get caught up in the 'have to's' of our Faith and forget that God calls us to take action and show love to those around us.

    I'm so excited that I found your blog. I read through some of your other posts and I love it. Hope you come by and visit me as well. :) Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Beautiful ideas! I also like to play uplifting, Gospel centered music in my home and I intend to start reading Christian classics in 2010!

  7. I love your goals. After Thanksgiving, last yr., I started a prayer journal. It has been a tremendous blessing for me to do that. I have been playing contemporary Christian and Southern Gospel in my home and it has made a positive difference in our lives. Thank you for inspiring me with your goals! I look forward to reading lots more from you!

  8. I can relate to needing to keep my goals simple too! A prayer journal is a wonderful goal, and I believe that will be a great faith builder like you said. We try to play worship music in our home as much as we's amazing what a difference it makes in the atmosphere!

  9. Thank you for sharing your goals with us. You aren't the first person to mention starting a prayer journal. Maybe God is pushing me towards that as well!


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