Monday, January 4, 2010

Personal Goals for 2010

On this fourth day of the new year, I have finally made it to sharing my personal goals for 2010. They are pretty straightforward.
  1. Spend at least twenty minutes a day, four days a week, writing (not for the blog).

  2. Read one book a month for personal development (marriage, parenting, writing, etc.)

  3. Redecorate our master bedroom. In every house we've lived in (a grand total of three), the master bedroom has been the last room to receive any attention. This year, as funds allow, I want to paint it (well, to be more specific, have my husband paint it!) and find new bedding and accessories.
Along with personal goals, I would like to set a few goals for this blog. In my ten months of blogging, I have sometimes struggled with what I would like my blog to be. I would love to see it as a ministry, a place where others can come and find encouragement. It is certainly a place where I record family moments and for that I am grateful. Memories that might be lost can be captured here while they're fresh in my mind.

Girls to Grow is also an outlet for my writing. I hadn't written anything for years before I started blogging, but am now thrilled to be putting my thoughts on "paper." Posts that I've written about family members are especially rewarding as I am able to corral my emotions into words.

With all of that being said, I would certainly love to grow my blog, so have set a few goals along those lines.
  1. Have 100 followers by the end of February. Not too far to go on that one! : )

  2. Write one substantial post daily (Monday through Friday).

  3. Keep post topics related to the central theme of my blog, which is Christian homemaking and parenting.

  4. Visit and comment on three "new-to-me" blogs at least three days a week.
Now, I've had enough "goal" posts in the past few days to last me for the year! :) Tomorrow I'll share how I'm planning to participate in this month's Eat from the Pantry Challenge (which I technically started on January 1st since I'm one of those "must follow-the-rules" types!) See you then!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by!! You've got some great goals for 2010. And I hear you on "writing enough goal posts" ... I feel the same way. Now I'm just ready to put some in action:) So are you attending Blissdom or Savvy Blogging??

  2. Excellent plan! I like your goals and look forward to reading about your accomplishments this year! Same here on the Master being last room to decorate - until this house(3yrs ago). This time I knew what color I wanted before I could decide about the dining room, so it got done. Happy New Year!


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