Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jewelry Board

My decorating ideas are few and far between, but here's one that I'm really enjoying.

Our daughters have had several jewelry boxes over the years.  They work well for small pieces of jewelry, but now that our girls are older and have some "real" jewelry, we needed a way to store it neatly.

Around Christmas time, I looked at some jewelry trees, but didn't see one that I liked.  Plus, it would have to sit on the top of their dresser, which is already prime real estate.  Then I saw this idea in a magazine - hanging jewelry on a cork or memo board.

Each of our girls already had a board, so we simply added push pins from which we hung the jewelry.

The wooden jumping jack needed a place to hang out,too!

The boards serve as wall decor in their bedroom and allow the girls to instantly see what jewelry is available to wear.

Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living are two of my favorite magazines to read, so I'm thinking the idea may have come from one of those.

Where do you get ideas for decorating your home?


  1. How simple and fun - and it ensures that the jewelry gets worn :) I love checking home decor books out of the library for inspiration!

  2. So cute! I love that idea and will store it away. In a few years it will come in handy!

    My mom was a decorator. She had an eye for beauty and found the right spot for everything, then she would soften something hard or add a splash of color to a neutral. I like to look at photos of her home for ideas. So glad I took photos of every square inch of my parent's home before we cleaned it out.

    I also come across fun ideas on blogs, like this idea today!!!

  3. What a great idea, Tracey! :)

  4. Darling and resourceful ~ love it! :) Those boards turned out so cute. When we're at my folks house, I like to watch a few HGTV shows for some inspiration, but I agree with Melissa ~ other ideas I get from fun blogs too! Lord willing, I will be looking forward to doing quite a bit of this after we move!

  5. That's a really good idea. I need to do this for my girls.


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