Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Reading

While I didn't read any books from my 2012 book list in April, I did find time to read a number of other books!

  • Persuasion and Emma by Jane Austen.  After enjoying Pride and Prejudice so much last month, I read two more of Jane Austen's classics.
  • Eat This, Not That!  by David Zinczenko.  This book helped me learn about making healthier choices, especially when it comes to restaurant food.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell.  I was prompted to read this book and the next one as I began planning ahead for next year's homeschooling.
  • Homeschooling for Success: How Parents Can Create a Superior Education for Their Child by Rebecca Kochenderfer and Elizabeth Kanna.
  • Staying True by Jenny Sanford.  This is her memoir and was a very intriguing read.
  • Lady of Arlington:  The Life of Mrs. Robert E. Lee by John Perry.  What a fabulous book!  Definitely my favorite for this month, perhaps for the year so far. I had checked this one out of the library and enjoyed it so much that I ordered a copy for myself from Paperback Swap.
  • Positive Personality Profiles by Robert Rohm, Ph.D.  I have read some of Robert Rohm's work before and love how he simply explains the four personalities and gives practical information for interacting with each type.
  • Secret Power or The Secret of Success in Christian Life and Work by D.L. Moody.  Another good book from a famous Christian preacher of the past.

The girls and I finished our bedtime read-aloud, What Katy Did at School by Susan Coolidge, and began What Katy Did Next.  We'll be finishing our current lunchtime read-aloud, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, next week.

Have you read any good books lately?


  1. These books all look great! I especially think I would enjoy the Austen books and homeschooling books. This has been a very busy time with us, and I haven't fit in much time for reading. You've inspired me....again! =)

  2. I have been reading, but more fun books. I've re-read the Blossom Street series by Debbie Macomber, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have tried over and over to like Jane Austin and I just can't get into her stories. Wish I could, but so far, not quite yet!

  3. I have to admit that I'm jealous with how much reading you get done. Oh, well! Everything in its time.

    I'll have to check out those homeschooling books; they look good. And the one about Lee's wife sounds very good!

    1. Yes, it's all in the season of life! My girls are older, so they work and play independently for longer periods of time, which allows me to grab a few minutes for reading throughout the day. I definitely read less when they were younger!

      Have a great weekend!


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