Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gourmet Gayle? Five o' Clock Faye? What's Your Cooking Style?

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My cooking inspiration has been on the wane lately.  I find myself resorting to the same ol' meals, usually my favorites, but not necessarily exciting for the rest of the family.

Last year I analyzed my cleaning style, so in this mood of introspection, I thought I'd seek to determine my cooking style.  See if you recognize yourself in any of these ladies!

1.  Planner Paula writes out a detailed menu each week.  Her meals are basic, but good.  She knows ahead of time exactly what she's serving for each meal, her pantry is stocked with all of the ingredients she will need, and she always remembers to thaw her meat ahead of time.

2.  Gourmet Gayle makes recipes that include feta cheese, artichokes, and fresh salmon.  A quick stop at the farmers' market on Saturday or a late-afternoon visit to a high-end supermarket provide her with ample inspiration for her dishes.  Not only do they taste fabulous, but they are beautifully garnished and served on fine china.

3.  Five o' Clock Faye wanders into the kitchen as the time for supper draws near.  She peruses what's in the refrigerator, checks the pantry, then manages to get something on the table just before her hungry family revolts.

4.  Creative Claire could take a can of kidney beans, the last of the peanut butter, and miscellaneous leftovers and create a magical meal.  She adds a pinch of this and a dash of that and turns out amazing fare.  She can cook for two or twenty without breaking a sweat - or the budget.  If she tastes something she likes in a restaurant, she can come home and recreate it for her family.

5.  Healthy Hannah has only organic produce on her counter and homemade bread in the breadbox.  Her meals are perfectly balanced with the right amount of nutrients and you'll find no boxes of processed foods or bags of white flour or sugar in her pantry.

6.  Restaurant Rita knows by memory which nights are "kids eat free" at certain restaurants.  She's never afraid of picking up a pizza or hitting the drive-through if the stars are not properly aligned for her to cook supper that night.

Sadly, I can lay no claim to being Gayle or Claire.  I tend to fluctuate between Paula and Faye, quite the opposites, I'm afraid!

Would any of these describe your cooking style?


  1. LOL - I used to be Faye, and now am much more like Paula since I was driving myself nuts! I don't always remember to take the meat out, though :)

  2. I'm a mix between Gayle and Claire lol We kinda really like food around here :-) that's what happen with you marry into a family in the food business

  3. I'm the anti-Paula. I think Gayle would be nice, but no one in my house would appreciate, so why bother with the effort? Faye is closest to me, not b/c it's my heart, but b/c my fam doesn't seem to want much more. I can be Claire occasionally, but again, it's usually just to please myself - no one else wants it. I *AM* Hannah to a degree - not psycho, but making as many healthy choices as possible! And Rita speaks to me, too - eating out is my AND my fam's about fave vice. We spend our extra fam money on eating out!!!

  4. I am definitely Paula. Definitely. And when I don't have a plan for supper for the night, I panic. Not really, but it's hard for me to come up with something, although I usually do.


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