Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Goals Update for May

May has always been a busy month for us, and this year was no exception!  Here's the progress I'm making toward my 2012 goals.

1. Memorize "one another" passages.  I spent last month reviewing passages I've memorized previously. 
2. Complete our "others projects."  We were able to visit a lady in our church who is hospitalized.
3. Highlight one prayer request per week and pray for it throughout the day for seven days.

1. Reach goal weight.  My weight is down between one and two pounds, depending on the day.  A small improvement, but I'll take it!
2. Exercise for twenty minutes at least four days a week.  Successfully met this goal again, though I've had to put the Couch to 5K program on hold since I've hurt myself twice while running.  My husband and I have taken up bike riding for now!
3. Eat only one sweet/baked good per day.  I didn't hit this goal every day, but I think May was one of my best months for reducing how many sweets I ate.

1. Read through my book list.
2. Study my camera guide and learn how to take better photos.  I downloaded the guide to my laptop and read through a little bit of it.
3. Write an e-book.

1. Visit five new restaurants this year.  We tried two new restaurants in May; one was a local diner and the other was a local Italian bistro.  Both were okay, though I don't think we'll be making return visits.
2. Plan at least one "fun" homeschool day each month.  Our end-of-the-school-year picnic was definitely a fun day for the girls and I!
3. Find a volunteer opportunity we can do as a family.

So that's how May went.  June promises to be busy as well, but I'm hoping to make progress in every area this month.


  1. You are making wonderful progress - what fun to visit new restaurants!

  2. Great job, Tracey! =) Your restriction of sweets and your exercise schedule inspire me. (Sorry to hear you were hurt while running!)

    Have a blessed June!

  3. You're doing great! And you've still got seven months left to finish the rest. Good for you!


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