Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 Goals Update for September

September held a bit of the unexpected for our family....well, unexpected from our perspective, not from God's!  Nonetheless, here's how I progressed with my 2012 goals during the last month.

1. Memorize "one another" passages.  I've almost finished memorizing I Thessalonians 5:11-24.
2. Complete our "others" projects.
3. Highlight one prayer request per week and pray for it throughout the day for seven days.

1. Reach goal weight.  I gained a few pounds when we were out of town a week ago (eating everything from fried chicken to a chili cheese dog to strawberry shortcake - though not at the same meal :)  I've lost that extra weight now, so I'm basically starting over with this goal.
2. Exercise for twenty minutes at least four days a week.  Met this goal again.
3. Eat only one sweet/baked good per day.  Still hitting this goal most days.  Beginning today, I've made a plan to track this so I can report on it more definitively next month.

1. Read through my book listI only have three books left on my list; I was able to get one of those from PaperBack Swap, so have begun reading it.
2. Study my camera guide and learn how to take better photos.
3. Write an e-book.

1. Visit five new restaurants this year.
2. Plan at least one "fun" homeschool day each month.  We ended up doing another activity on the day we were going to celebrate fall, though we did still make our caramel apples.  We also had an impromptu picnic on the patio one day at lunch. 
3. Find a volunteer opportunity we can do as a family.

I'm not making nearly as much progress as I'd like to and I'm already thinking ahead about how I'd like to make changes when I write out my goals for 2013.

Have you met any goals lately?


  1. Well, you've already seen that I've met a couple of my goals. But you're doing great, especially with the exercise this week. Keep it up. I'm already thinking about my goals for next year and trying to make ones that are a little harder.

  2. I think you are making great progress!! I think I would pick huge goals for the year, so the 3 smaller monthly goals work better for me. But, I think I might pick 2-3 yearly goals for next year!


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