Friday, January 25, 2013

4 Simple Ways to Show Love to My Husband

Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle. ~Amy Bloom

What a blessing it is to spend a lifetime married to the man you love.  I want the years that my husband and I share to be filled with love and appreciation for one another. 

As we walk this path of life together, I am finding there are certain actions I can take that make our days together even sweeter.  Every husband will have different needs, but these are ways that I can show love to my husband.

  • Give him my full attention when he's talking to me.  Rather than being distracted by the book I'm reading or the e-mails I'm answering, I need to focus on him and listen to what he's saying.
  • Tell him - often - how much I admire him.  By choosing a character quality, specific skill, or helpful habit he has and verbally expressing (or writing a note about) my appreciation of it, I will build him up and encourage him. 
  • Do the little things without complaining.  Rather than remarking on what needs to be done, I can simply put his things away, clean up any messes, and finish any tasks without ever saying a word.
  • Give him peace and quiet when he needs it.  If he's trying to relax, I can send the children to play in another room, refrain from vacuuming in the surrounding areas, and wait until later to discuss important issues.

My husband and I have been married for over twenty-one years and I'm looking forward to the rest of my lifetime with him!

How do you show your husband you love him?


  1. These are so good! The big ones in our house are:
    1) Praise him *to others*. I think it's so easy for women - esp. SAHMs who often feel overworked & underappreciated - to vent about their irritating/lazy/etc. husbands to their girlfriends. I love a good vent, myself, (totally not trying to be a hypocrite! :-D) but I find my love & appreciation for him grows as I openly praise the good things he's done to others. So much healthier than focusing on his shortcomings, (of which we ALL have a few! :-P I don't want him focusing on MINE! :-D)
    2) Meet little needs. Example: JB always wants us to have eggs in the fridge, even when he doesn't use them every week. When we were in rough financial times, I wouldn't buy them *unless he asked*, b/c it seemed like a waste; but that drove him nuts, b/c he saw it not as me trying to save money, but as me not caring about him. Silly, but true!!! Who knew something as little as $1.60 worth of eggs would mean so much to a man? Yep, it's those little things. :-P

    1. Those are both great points! It is important to praise our husband to others - and even better if they hear us doing it! ;)

      I hadn't thought about the significance of meeting their "little" needs, but it truly is a way we can show them our love. Like you mentioned, keeping certain items that they like in the house shows our husbands that we care about them.


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