Friday, January 18, 2013

How Do You Measure Success for Your Child?

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I recently saw a bumper sticker that read, "I have a successful child at (a local) Elementary School."

I found myself considering that statement and wondering how that parent defined success for their child. I myself can get caught up in false measures of success for my children. Do I consider my daughters successful when they play flawlessly in their piano recital or score a goal for their soccer team?  Is it if they are chosen for the cheerleading squad or make the honor roll?

While there's nothing wrong with any of those scenarios and I certainly want our children to develop a variety of skills, I would most like to see them successful in the following three ways.

1.  They have a love for God and spiritual things.  The desire of my heart is that our daughters would grow to love God and seek to know and do His will.

2.  They treat others with kindness and respect.  In the New Testament, Jesus gives the second most important commandment as loving our neighbor as ourselves.

3.  They develop character that leads them to make right choices in difficult situations.  I pray that they will be honest, dependable, loyal, and responsible.

Other families may have different ways to measure success.  Rearing children who are confident in various situations, can run a household efficiently, handle money well, and are able to support themselves through hard work are all accomplishments I want my children to master. Yet while those are important, the three listed above would be at the top of my list.

How do you measure success for your child?


  1. Oh, I struggle with this! At times I compare my girls with others and try to figure out how to get them on the same level. It's then when I need to remember that we are all individuals!!

  2. It's so easy to compare my children with others and their accomplishments. Thanks for the reminder that what God values is so much different than what the world values.


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