Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organization on the Cheap

I never claim to be an interior decorator.

However, I love having our household items organized.  While I could blow the budget at The Container Store, I have found a free alternative - shoe boxes.

I usually save our empty shoe boxes and have found several ways to use them as organizing tools.

In the top of this closet, a small shoebox holds extra light bulbs while a large one holds appliance instruction manuals and warranty information.

In a boots shoebox in the top of our daughters' closet, hats are stacked.

My older daughter used a shoe box lid along with several empty jewelry boxes to organize some of her jewelry in a drawer.

Card games are corralled in a box in a hallway closet.

Hair brushes and accessories live in a box in the cabinet underneath the bathroom sink.

Is there an inexpensive tool you've found useful for organizing items in your home?


  1. I stock up on the photo boxes when they go on sale at Michaels, and I love the clear rubbermaid containers with lids from the dollar store!

    1. Yes - those clear containers from the Dollar Store can be used in so many ways!

  2. I hadn't thought about using shoeboxes like that. What a great idea! Usually, I buy the cheap plastic containers that are the size of shoeboxes and are about $1 each.


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