Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Craft and Baking Day 2013

Yesterday I started planning our 3rd annual Christmas Craft and Baking Day.  (You can visit planning posts from 2011 and 2012 or see how things went the first year and the second.)  Next Friday, December 20th, our daughters and I will get busy making crafts and baking.  This will be our fun homeschool day for December!

To maintain our tradition, we'll be making our Christmas Dotty Garland (we cut circles from old Christmas cards for this project) and baking Chocolate Holiday Bears.

Our new art projects will be these Construction Paper Wreaths, Tree Cones, and Christmas Baubles.  I'll be making a trip to Michaels this week to stock up on pretty Christmas scrapbook paper!

My older daughter made cake balls in her last homeschool co-op cooking class, so she can lead us in this project.  Both girls like Oreos, so I'll buy a cookies-and-cream cake mix and icing, then dip the balls in milk chocolate.  I plan to follow this tutorial.

Are you busy with any Christmas crafting or baking?


  1. It looks like you're going to have fun next week! I'm sure your girls are looking forward to your baking and crafting day!

    We don't have a day set aside for baking; I'm just trying to bake one or two things a week to keep us from overloading on sugar before Christmas.

  2. YAY!!! We baked our family Christmas prerequisite Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cookies this week, too. :-)


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