Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Salutes

Jennifer shares 5 Ways to Make Your Christmas about Something More.

I want to remember to take the pictures Angie recommends in Ten Holiday Photos Not To Miss.

Here's an idea from The Inspired Room that I'd like to use - Christmas Joy with Simplicity {Cardboard Letters}.

For a Christmas party at one of my younger daughter's homeschool co-op classes, I made these star-shaped Shortbread Cookies; instead of stamping them, I drizzled them with a confectioners sugar glaze and they were good!  I actually thought they tasted better the day after baking rather than just out of the oven.

For another class party, I made these Hot Chocolate Brownie Bites and they were tasty, too.  (And, yes, we've been consuming way too much sugar in our house lately!!)

I found the recipe for last night's supper on Pinterest...

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

This Chicken Alfredo Pizza was a nice Friday night meal!

Our Christmas activity for today will be attending our daughters' piano recital this afternoon.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Tracey, I enjoyed reading the first two articles, and I want to try the two recipes. But do you have a different link for the brownies? I would like to print something out, and your link looks like a picture from a magazine. However, if that's all you have, it looks good enough to write by hand!

    We've been consuming too much sugar, too. I'll probably need to lose a few pounds after Christmas.

    1. Unfortunately I don't have a different link for the brownies. I looked for one, but all I found was that picture from the magazine - and the magazine is where I originally got the recipe.

      The cookies were not as sweet as I expected, but I still couldn't stop eating them. ;) Thankfully I'm just sending "pigs in a blanket" to my older daughter's church youth group Christmas party on Wednesday night, so I won't have an excuse to make anything sweet!

    2. Thanks for checking! I even checked Hershey's website, but the recipe wasn't there. I'll just write it by hand. No big deal!

  2. Good links!
    We're all in the midst of a major sugar rush, too! And it's not slowly anytime soon! :-P


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