Monday, December 9, 2013

We...Are Come to Worship Him

The star, a well-loved symbol of Christmas.

It led the wise men to Jerusalem, seeking the King of the Jews.  In Matthew 2:2, these wise men state their purpose for finding the King - "we...are come to worship Him."

God placed this star in the heavens to lead these seekers to His Son.  The star guided them in their journey to worship Him.  Matthew 2:11 confirms that the wise men did just that as "they...fell down, and worshipped Him."

When we unwrap the true meaning of Christmas, isn't that still the central purpose of the holiday - to lead us to worship the Saviour?

As we walk through the coming days, preparing in so many ways for the season, may our focus be like that of the wise men - to worship Him.


  1. Agreed! And I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that God became man. What an amazing thing. God became man. Wow!

  2. I have always really loved & related to star imagery. :-)


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